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Attestation and Certification

Definitions, advantages, and steps to follow to start your certification process

THE ATTESTATION is proof that an organization is committed to an honest and upright management approach.

THE CERTIFICATION is carried out on a voluntary basis. The process can be implemented anytime by a company. It validates (self-assessment) in a meticulous and credible manner (experts visiting the companies, rules and structure of certification) the implementation of processes and operations that ensure integrity as well as the follow-up mechanisms that the companies have set up.


Advantages for companies:

By obtaining a CICB certification or attestation, companies publicly demonstrate that they and their employees are taking the necessary steps to reduce the risk of collusion or corruption in their management. The CICB certification and certificate represent a positive influence, a clever way to stand out from competitors, and an additional asset to reassure clients. Among other things, it can result in better opportunities to obtain contracts from work providers or in improved chances of hiring or retaining qualified workers.

Advantages for work providers:

The CICB certification and attestation allow work providers to easily identify companies committed to ethics and integrity in business. These tools undoubtedly help them select companies with integrity that have taken proper actions to reduce the risk of collusion or corruption in their management.


Prerequisites for filing an application

  • A Quebec business number (NEQ).
  • A license number issued by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ);
  • A response letter of audit services rendered by an external professional firm or independent consultant.
  • A formal commitment to collaborate in the certification process signed by the company’s management.

A company can NOT apply for certification if:

  • It is listed in the Registre des entreprises non admissibles aux contrats publics (RENA).
  • It has a restricted license.

Steps to follow

The process contains a few simple steps that can be completed in a few months.

  1. Receipt of the request.
  2. Verification of the company’s eligibility.
  3. Supervision and execution of the implementation schedule.
  4. Self-assessment and development of an action plan.
  5. Visit by ethics experts and writing of their report.
  6. Report of the decision-making committee.
  7. Follow-up on continued compliance with requirements.

Ask for CICB certification documents from our customer service department.

Certified Companies

Coffrage Synergy

Certified company since 2018

Construction Albert Jean

Certified company since 2018

Construction SRB

Certified company since 2018


Certified company since 2018


What is an attestation?

The attestation consists of a self-assessment of the company regarding the implementation and application of the requirements of integrated management mechanisms in its day-to-day management. To obtain certification, the requirements must be fully met, and evidence of these requirements must be accessible.

This 18-month attestation is nonrenewable. It allows for preparation time for registration and completion of a process to obtain the CICB Integrity Certification.

Steps to follow

The process contains a few simple steps: :

  1. Receipt of the request.
  2. Verification of basic requirements.
  3. Training and support.
  4. Self-assessment and development of an action plan.
  5. Report of the decision-making committee.

Ask for CICB attestation documents from our customer service department.

Attested Companies

Ed brunet

Attested company since 2018


Expert visitors

Expert visitors are not inspectors. They have been trained by the organization according to the standards and rules determined by the Certification Committee.

The experts who visit companies validate the self-assessment carried out and the level of compliance with the certification requirements. They bring an outside perspective and expertise to complement your thinking if necessary. They also write a report to support the decision of the Certification Committee. Following this report, the company will be required to develop a three-year action plan for maintaining these requirements.


The terms of reference of the certified coaches offers any company wishing to obtain CICB Certification a preparatory coaching service. They are independent professionals who have received the CICB training necessary to obtain their certification. In return, the accredited coach undertakes to complete the CICB training and pass it to obtain certification.

Certified coaches:

Groupe Philia
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